Exploration into non-linearity.
Out on Signal Life.

Forward Is the Way Through

Full length album released in two parts.

Fathoms / Akrasia

Double single released on Methlab Recordings. Remixes by Desto and Pixelord.


Bass ridden single featuring Jesse Markin. Remixes by RPK and Pulseye.

All the Wrong Places - Remastered

A quickly sold out, Madventures featured album remastered and reissued.

Recue X Jolea

Vocal driven collaboration with Jolea.

Remixes and other work

Singles, compilation tracks and assorted revamps of other people's work.


A studio live with a 360 twist, made for Touched Music.

Recue X Jolea - Knives

Studio live recorded for Sunnuntaikooma radio show on Bassoradio.


Kesä - Summer. The usually warmest season of the year, occurring between spring and autumn and constituting June, July, and August in the Northern Hemisphere, or, as calculated astronomically, extending from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox.

Do Not Disturb

Live mixtape based around abuse of 90's hip hop and pop vocals, recorded in a hotel room somewhere in Sweden.

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Recue is the creative outlet and an excuse for a Helsinki based producer Riku Annala to spend time in his studio exploring the left field of electronic music. Something that started, and still is, based on pure interest in sound design and music production has resulted in various releases, remixes, collaborations, commissioned production and live performances. Recue’s output ranges from studio experimentations and conceptual soundscapes to more dancefloor focused sound. This has allowed his music to be featured on labels ranging from multifaceted to genre focused ones, as a backdrop for TV, theatre and live venues of all shapes and sizes.

In case you need a more detailed biography with some mandatory name dropping and promotional photos, download a presskit here.

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