Focusing outwards.

In the midst of finalizing releases (solo and on the way), I’ve been working on some interesting buy viagra pills on the side. The process of creating a remix is somewhat different to your regular beat crafting session as there’s the external input to work with. The result of the interaction can be something quite unexpected and refreshing. The sounds featured here range from the warm and fuzzy bed of sounds (with a twist of eighties sprinkled on top) in the Gouseion’s Smoky Blue Fungus remix, to the darker gritty tones of Triceracorn’s Porcelain. Together with the magnificent Borealis we’re giving away¬†my combined rework of two of his tracks Not of This Reality and Black Drop as a free download. Get it on soundcloud (button on player below) or check this micro site dedicated to the track.

Triceracorn - Porcelain (Recue's Anger Management Mix) Porcelain, bonus track.
Fanu - Slack and Roll (Recue remix) Brekbeat Brew
Gouseion - Smoking Blue Fungus (Recue Remix) Everyone is Remixed
Kaiti Kink Ensemble - Remedy (Recue Remix) Unreleased/Upcoming
Kotchy - Dirty Whispers (Recue remix) Dirty Whispers
IG88 ft. Jenni Potts - A Subtle Separation (Recue remix) Unreleased VIP