All the Wrong Places

Originally released by Rednetic Recordings in 2008, the All the Wrong Places CD edition sold out in two months. The digital version ended up in the soundtrack of the TV series Madventures. As reviewed by Smallfish: “A superb release from London-based Rednetic. It’s the debut for Finnish artist Recue and I’ve got to say it’s an absolute belter. Beautifully crafted tracks that are essentially from the classic melodic electronica mould. But, the amount of cool beats, lush chords and dense sounds that have been crammed into this beauty of a CD is remarkable. There are some moments here that are utterly spellbinding with surging synths and strings coupled with well structured tones working away over the top. Add to that a cracking mixture of crunchy beats, electro influences and even a more uptempo (dare I say it) D&B influence and you’ve got a piece of work that should keep you more than occupied for a long time to come. Brilliant stuff really.”

The remaster following the closing of Rednetic brings the sound up to date by letting the mixes breathe more emphasizing less the loudness and allowing the beats to punch through.