A studio live with a 360 twist, made for Touched Music.

Studio performance with a little twist (awkward pun intended) made for Touched Music. This is a bobble-head version of me doing nervous hot-knob mixing, muting/unmuting and playing a mind bending one finger melody filmed in glorious 360. Shatter is out on Touched Music's Found Sound compilation along with other stellar tracks (Have to mention Future Sound of London being in there with their Digitana SX-1 track so even deeper synth geekery included). Limited edition 2xCD release + digi available here:
Details for the geekishly-inclined: E350 Morphing Terrarium scanned with a DIY LFO and fed through Clouds and scattered to varying degree. Braids provides extra FM blurps and chirps. Beats from Analog Rytm with samples and few additions from DAW. Pads and melody from the Analog Four. Sequenced, mixed and edited in Ableton which is controlled with the Livid Elements modular. Video recorded with Samsung Gear 360 and camera movement painstakingly edited afterwards. Funsies.